Supply List


My name is Mrs. McNutt, and I will be your 8th grade English teacher this year. Please have the following supplies at the beginning of the year:

1. Three ring binder (1 inch)

2. Plenty of loose leaf, college-ruled paper

3. Divider tabs

4. Blue or Black ink pens

5. #2 pencils

6. 3 in. x3in. Post It Notes (Color does not matter)

7. Highlighters - yellow, pink, and blue (I've checked at Walmart, and all three colors come in one pack.)


NOTE: I do not allow book bags in my room. Students may bring a purse or a small cinch sack. When choosing a backpack, please make sure it fits into a locker as book bags will not be allowed in my room.

Wish List- These items are not required, but they are much appreciated and are put to good use throughout the year.

Boxes of tissue

Lysol Wipes 

Standard white computer paper

3 x 5 Index Cards